By following the ISA Best Management Practices and the ANSI standards for tree care we focus on pruning for health and safety. An ongoing pruning program to remove dead wood can encourage and stimulate tree growth and improve the tree’s overall health.

Think before you topThe main objective of standard pruning is to promote good health and sound structure for the plant’s future. This pruning includes the removal of deadwood, stubs, broken or unacceptably weak branches, diseased branches, crossing limbs, and suckers and water sprouts as appropriate.

We will remove or can stabilize limbs that pose a safety risk—they may be in danger of falling on your house or on people around your property. Pruning can also address overcrowding, overgrowth, broken limbs, and uneven form. We are also trained in specialized techniques such as espalier of fruit trees and hand pruned topiary.

We can prune in preparation for other trades creating safe work clearances, performing tree protection planning for construction projects in a manner that enables them to work that does not negatively affect your tree.

To ensure the health, structural integrity, and vigour of your trees, we WILL NOT shear evergreen trees, and we WILL NOT top trees. We will, however, provide you with a list of suitable alternatives.

While it is our priority to maintain trees it is necessary to remove some from time to time. We involve the client in the process and help them select the perfect replacement tree.

Want to learn how to do some of the work yourself?  We can provide you with personalized training on site.