Sick Tree Diagnosis and Recommendations

As ISA-Certified Arborists, an important part of what we do is looking at unhealthy trees and identifying a proper course of action to provide care. We provide timely treatments using the least invasive or toxic method to reduce pests and diseases to a level that does not cause problems to plant health.

Sometimes issues can take years to become evident to a homeowner. Understanding the cause of tree decline is the key to developing a recovery program.

We are familiar with local issues and keep up to date on possible new threats.  This enables us to be timely and accurate in our diagnosis.  We keep a tree inventory so if there is a new threat, we can assess our client trees automatically.


  • Fertilization Programs
  • Pest Management
  • Wildlife Management
  • Cultural Controls such as pruning or modifying irrigation practices
  • Removal to prevent spread to other high value trees
  • Any combination of these