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Consulting, Training & Workshops

Personalized Training or Workshops, Public Speaking and School Presentations

We can speak on a wide range of topics regarding urban forestry (planting to pruning, hazard assessment to insect and disease management). Presentations are developed with the client’s needs in mind and the target audience, whether it is municipal managers or maintenance personnel.

We welcome the opportunity to promote good arboriculture practices through the delivery of public speaking engagements and hands-on workshops. We can also prepare articles on tree care for neighbourhood association newsletters.

We also welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspect of tree health care with your students, whether it is a one-hour lecture or half-day outdoor school ground/park field study.

We will develop a program to suit your needs. We can bring an interactive display to career fairs where participants get a hands-on feel for a day in the life of a Certified Arborist.


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Consulting Services


1. Tree Valuation, Insurance Appraisal

Owner/operator Maureen Sexsmith-West is an ISA-Qualified Tree Risk Assessor and a qualified tree appraiser. As such, she is one of just a handful of people in southern Alberta qualified to appraise your trees.

Tree appraisal is important for adequately finding the true value of your property. Additionally, tree values and conditions should be part of your home insurance considerations. Get a Landscape Appraisal when considering purchasing a new home.


2. Warranty Work and After Care

You have just invested in the installation of new landscape which sometimes includes existing trees as the foundation to the design. Construction activities are very damaging to trees. We offer clients aftercare during the critical two year establishment period allowing for replacement of defective trees while under warranty by your landscaper and to address structural or other health problems that can arise.


3. Landscape Design Evaluations—Pre-Construction Protection Programs

An important—but often forgotten—factor in designing your landscape is the correct location of key features. Planting a tree in a wrong place can lead to bad interactions with other plants, too much or too little sun, and many other issues that could result in your trees and plants struggling to survive. Ladybug Arborists can assist you in evaluating your space and determining the right place for the right tree to suit your needs.

We take this one step further and assess and plan for potential damage when new sidewalks, decks or buildings are proposed where trees may already exist. We are offer preventative protection measure to minimize impact.


4. Risk Assessment

Do you have concerns about an aging tree that might pose a risk to your home, your neighbours’ home, fences, offices, or power lines? Ladybug Arborists can help you by providing a full risk assessment for your trees.
We can take a look at the condition of your trees and their location, then evaluate the risk they might pose to people, structures, and utilities. We can also check for negative interactions with other plants.

Once we have completed our assessment, you will be provided with a written summary of our findings and recommendations for any required corrective measures.